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Welcome to the world of AutoInsult!

AutoInsult is a silly little Windows program that has been generating insults for people since 1997

AutoInsult has the following key features

  • Generate insults in Arabian, Shakespearean, Modern and Mediterranean styles.
  • Choose from random insults, or construct your own by selecting words & phrases from the drop-down lists.
  • Currently supports two languages - English and American English.
  • Provides a "forward" and "back" button so you never miss an insult you've generated.
  • Copies the insult to the clipboard for easy pasting.
  • Allows you to "pop-up" insults at regular intervals to provide a bit of light relief whilst you work
  • Look up any word or phrase in an on-line dictionary (requires an internet connection).
  • It's FREE - there are no registration costs, time limits or nags.

AutoInsult will amuse most people, but may offend others.  It is not, however, obscene or vulgar. 

Download it by clicking here or on the logo on the right!

Or, if you prefer not to download it, or do not run Windows, then try WebInsult - the on-line version of AutoInsult.

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