AutoInsult for Fitbit

Do you have a FitBit Ionic or Versa? If so, Yuriy Galanter has written an AutoInsult app for it!

The app works by making a query to the AutoInsult website over the internet in order to get an insult, and then displays it on the Ionic or Versa. Previously Yuriy had a version that did the same for the Pebble.

DISCLAIMER: This is not an official AutoInsult app and I have no affiliation with Yuriy. Use is at your own risk, and I accept no responsibility for its use or misuse.

If you would like to try it, you will need to have the FitBit app installed on your phone, and connected to your Ionic or Versa watch, and then you'll need to follow this link from your phone. The link won't do anything much otherwise.

Fitbit app
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